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Big Sky Peggy
(2001 Imported Gypsy Vanner Mare)
Expected 2015 Foal For Sale $10,000

Peggy is the first Gypsy Vanner mare we purchased. She was imported in 2003 and we were thrilled when she finally arrived. Peggy is the epitome of what a Gypsy Vanner should be. She was raised on the farm of well-known Gypsy breeder Fred Walker who raised the amazing Lion King.

She is a tremendously thick, correct, well-built mare. She has lovely clean bone, wonderful muscling, and the prized “sweet” head. Best of all she has the sweet, gentle disposition the Gypsies prize, and she passes that on to her foals. Peggy is traditional in size, standing 14.2 hands tall.
Peggy has produced three wonderful foals for us: BSG Tia, BSG Carys, BSG Uriel, BSG Talon.

Peggy 6-24-2014

Peggy 6-24-2014
Peggy has the muscle, luxurious hair and the silky feather that her breeder's bloodlines are famous for. Her mane reaches well past her shoulder and her tail is incredibly thick. She has the prized jet black and white coloring with a sprinkling of ink spots.

Peggy has the most amazing peaceful disposition. She is sweet and adaptable and willing to do anything you ask of her. She loves people and enjoys spending time in their company. She is a favorite wherever she goes, and has an uncanny ability to work her way into everyone’s heart.
Some may ask, “Why the name Peggy?” and not some regal sounding name for such an amazing mare. It’s a known fact that most Gypsies don’t name their horses. They simply refer to them by way of their breeding, as in she is out of the “such and such” stallion or mare. But, in some special situations they will name a horse that stands out for some reason. Such was the case with Peggy. She became a favorite of Fred Walker's young daughters, and they gave her the name Peggy. We have chosen to keep her name as a tribute to them and their special relationship with her.
~~More Photos~~
Gypsy Vanner mare Peggy Rear view of Peggy

Head study of Peggy, Gypsy Vanner mare
Peggy as a young Gypsy Mare

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