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BSG Taliesin
~~ Licensed and Inspected ~~

Photos by Beate von Stuterheim

Tali - Summer of 2007

Taliesin is the ultimate stallion for producing superb Gypsy Cobs and colored Drum Horse foals. He has size, feather, and athletic ability combined with bloodlines that are an outcross to many Gypsy bloodlines here in America. Taliesin is HOMOZYGOUS for the Tobiano (pinto) coat pattern and for black. This means that all Tali's foals will have the Tobiano pattern. Taliesin was licensed and inspected in 2006.

Click here to see more photos of Tali, his Gypsy foals, Drum Horse foals, and Mature Offspring.

Watch Videos of Tali at Liberty and Under Saddle

At Big Sky Gypsy we know how important each mare and foal is to our clients. We promise to do everything in our power to help mare owners have a pleasant and successful breeding season. Tali is successfully shipping across the United States and to Canada. Tali is tested EVA negative and only used via artificial insemination so that we can ensure disease free shipments. See photos of Tali's Gypsy Foals, Drum Horse Foals, and Mature Offspring.

The true measure of any stallion is how well he reproduces himself in his foals. Tali is a very potent sire who consistantly passes his conformation, movement, breed type, and disposition on to his foals. There is no mistaking Tali's "stamp" on his babies, they are like peas in a pod! Click here to see photos of Tali's Gypsy Foals, Drum Horse foals, and Mature Offspring.

Taliesin is a Gold Cup Stallion!! All of his foals are eligible for the Great Lakes Gypsy Vanner Futurity.

All Braided Up and Struttin' His Stuff!

Tali stands 15.1 hands tall and has outstanding conformation and correct bone structure. He is one of the best moving Gypsy stallions in the states. Tali is athletic and powerful with tremendous mane and feather like his father. He has the exceptional disposition that is the hallmark of the Gypsy Cob. Best of all, Tali is very generous in passing these traits on to his foals.

Tali's foals are eligible for registry with the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society, the Gypsy Cob and Drum Horse Association, the Gypsy Cob Society of America, and the American Drum Horse Association.


Everyone who meets Tali is awed by him! He has the fabulous disposition that the Gypsy Cob is known for. Tali loves people and is always the gentleman, even in the breeding shed. His sweet, easy-going personality makes him a pleasure to be around. He is an intelligent and willing worker and he passes these traits on to his foals.

Click here to see more photos of Tali and Tali's Gypsy foals, Drum Horse foals, and Mature Offspring.

Conformation shot of Taliesin our Gypsy Vanner stallion
Conformation Shot Taken 2007

Got Hair?


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