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Here is a collection of links that we have found useful. They include breed associations, informational sites, web designers, friends, and more....
Breed Associations:
The Gypsy Vanner Horse Society
Registry for selectively bred Gypsy Vanners
American Drum Horse Association
Registry devoted to promoting and preserving the Drum Horse in America.
The Gypsy Cob Society of America
Registry for fullblood and cross-bred Gypsy Horses

The Gypsy Cob and Drum Horse Association
Registry for Drum Horses and Gypsy Horses

US Breeders:
Avalon Shires
Breeders of Shires and Drum Horses.

Harkaway Gypsies

Breeders of Irish Draughts and Gypsy Horses

Harlequin Gypsy Horses
Breeders of quality Gypsy Vanners
Neat site with TONS of great information on Gypsy Horses

Harlequin Gypsy Chat Group
A fun place to meet and visit with other Gypsy Horse breeders and enthusiasts!

Lazy River Drafts
Breeders of quality Gypsy Cobs
Mariah Farms
Breeders of quality Drum Horses and Clydesdales.

Old Mill Farms
Breeders of superior Drum Horses and Gypsy Horses.

UK Breeders:

Clononeen Farms
Irish Breeders of Superior Gypsy Cobs. Generations of experience!

Gypsy Cobs UK

Breeder of fine Gypsy Cobs in the UK. Tons of photos and loads of information on the Gypsy Horses and the people that raise and use them.

The Computer Gal
Friend, Certified Instructor, and all-around computer pro!
Klaus & Beate von Stutterheim
Our New York/Montana friends and neighbors
Rich Ranch
Guest Ranch and Outfitters


TK Quarter Horses
Quarter Horse breeders and our chosen Collection Facility






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