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Tali's Photo Gallery
~~ Photos Taken Summer of 2007 ~~
(Tali at 6 years)

BSG Taliesin, our 15.1 hh homozygous Gypsy Vanner stallion
Taliesin, homozygous Gypsy Vanner stallion
Taliesin fall 2006
Gypsy Vanner stallion getting air time

~~ Photos Taken in March of 2006 ~~
(Tali at 5 Years)

These photos were taken 30 days after Tali was started under saddle. He proved to be a very quick learner. Tali was receptive to his training and is soft and supple in the bridle. Tali has three wonderful gaits and he reaches under himself and pushes off well from the haunch. At the same time he is free in the shoulder and has a long forward stride.

~~ Photos Taken in the Fall of 2005 ~~
(Tali at 4 years)

~~ Photos From Summer of 2005 ~~
(Tali at 4 Years)

~~Taliesin's Parents~~

Taliesin's sire The Bishop
Photo Courtesy of Magic Horse Ranch

Taliesin's Dam Tilly
Photo Courtesy of Magic Horse Ranch

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