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BSG Carys
Peggy x Taliesin
Lovingly owned by Simonne in Billings, MT

A little girl, a Gypsy Horse, and a dream come true!

This is the story of Simonne and Carys, two hearts that were meant to be together. I was approached by a special family who was looking for a Gypsy Horse for their daughter. We invited them to the farm so Simonne could meet her first Gypsy Horses and spent a wonderful day brushing and braiding horses. When Carys and Simonne met each other it was love at first touch. Everyone said you can't give a three year old mare to a child, but they didn't know Carys or the breed or the special bond Carys had with Simonne. Simonne came to the farm again to spend more time with Carys and learn basic groundwork. Right before Memorial Day we found out that Simonne's wish had been granted and Carys was hers! We drove the mare to Billings on Friday and spent the weekend getting her settled in her new boarding facility. Simonne took her mare out into the arena several times to show her to her guests and to demonstrate how she could lunge her by herself. I think even the stable owners were amazed at how calm and sensible the mare was and how totally in tune with Simonne she is. This is such an awesome testament to our breed's disposition and love for people. Thanks to everyone who had a hand in making this wish come true!

Carys - 3 years old in the spring of 2013

A Matched Pair!
(Right) and her sister Tia (Left)

~~ Carys as a Baby ~~

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