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Big Sky Aisling
(2001 Imported Gypsy Vanner Mare)

Aisling (pronounced Ash-leen) is the largest member of our Gypsy herd standing a hair over 15 hands. She is the product of a careful breeding program that has focused on producing superior larger Gypsy Vanner horses. Aisling has produced three tremendous foals for us: BSG Tara, BSG Traven, and her '08 filly.

Pedigree Update!! Many thanks to Loretta in the UK who has been researching Aisling's pedigree for us. She spent some time visiting with Peter Ash, the man that bred Aisling and we now have confirmed pedigree going back several generations on both sides! Loretta even snapped a photo of Aisling's full brother!

Aisling's sire is a carefully guarded stallion called Bullseye who is by Bob the Blagdon Horse, who goes back to the Lob Eared Horse. Bullseye's dam is Price's Red And White Mare. Aisling's mother is a good heavy mare called The Dinosaur Mare who goes back to The Old Chestnut Horse. (click here to see Aisling's pedigree and photos of her ancestors)

Our largest Gypsy Vanner mare Aisling

Gypsy Mare Aisling horsing around

We are very excited about the qualities that Aisling brings to our breeding program. She is a tremendously heavy traditional Gypsy mare. Aisling is the larger type Gypsy Vanner, standing just over 15 hands tall. She has the ideal short-coupled conformation, muscle mass, and heavy bone the breed is famous for.

In addition, she is blessed with an abundance of fine, silky feather. Aisling has more feather than many stallions currently in the US! She will be the one of the cornerstones in our breeding program dedicated to producing extraordinary Gypsy Vanners.

We think that Aisling is one of the finest larger Gypsy mares currently in the US. She has tons of thick, luxurious feathering for a young mare. Unfortunately, her mane and tail were in tatters when she arrived from England, but they are really growing in now.

While she has the larger size so in demand here in the United States, she maintains all of the traditional Gypsy characteristics. She is feminine and well balanced in her shape, and she possesses the snappy step and animated movement desired in a driving horse.
15.1 hh Gypsy Vanner Mare Aisling

Aisling had been trained and used for driving while in England. We have kept up her driving, and also started her under saddle as well. She is a willing worker and loves to go tooling down our country roads. When she is not raising wonderful foals, we look forward to showing off her talents around Montana very soon.

If you're wondering what happened to Aisling's tail, well.... she decided to let Jackie's 4-H lamb nibble it off, silly girl!!

~~More Photos~~
Face of Aisling, Gypsy Vanner Mare
The feather of a quality Gypsy Vanner mare
Meet Aisling's Full Brother...
(Now in the U.S.!!)
Gypsy Vanner stallion
Can You Say Wow!
Photo courtesy of Gypsy Cobs UK

Aisling's brother
Photo Courtesy of www.colouredhorses.com

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