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BSG Kadence
Aisling x Taliesin
Sold! Congratulations Jacqueline & Martina!

Kadence is a repeat breeding of Aisling to Tali, and is everything se expected. She is very feminine and eye-catching. She has a wonderful neck and shoulder, a very short back, and lots of mane, tail and silky feather. Kadence gets her name from her wonderful movement. She floats like a dream at the trot and has wonderful collection at the lope. She is super friendly and loves to be scratched and fussed over any time you are in the pasture.

Kadence has had 30 days under saddle and shows signs of being a confident riding horse. Offered for sale: $10,000. Watch her video!

~~ Kadence Winter 2012~~
~~ Kadence as a Yearling~~

~~ Baby Pictures ~~

BSG Aisling

BSG Taliesin

Full Sister BSG Tara

Full Brother BSG Traven

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