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Big Sky Penny
(2002 Imported Gypsy Vanner Mare)
Confirmed in Foal for a May Tali Baby!
Congratulations Allison!

Big Sky Penny is the smallest mare in our Gypsy Vanner herd standing only 14.0 hands tall. After searching for many months, she was imported from England in the summer of 2004. Penny is an outstanding little mare with tons of Gypsy type and unbelievable feather. She has one bright blue eye and very attractive markings.

Penny 6-24-2014

Penny 6-24-2014

Penny gets her name from her special way of always being "in your back pocket" when you are out in the pasture with the hores, kind of like a "good luck penny!"

Penny is very traditional in her build and size, standing 14.0 hands tall. She is the smaller size that the Gypsies are currently breeding for in England.

Penny has amazing gaits. She has a tremendous suspended trot and carries herself with great animation. She has a great sense of humor, and loves to prance around the mares showing off her stuff.

Penny has wonderful waves in her mane, which is already very long. Her thick black forelock falls over her eyes already! Her feather is tremendous - better than some stallions!
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Young Gypsy mare Penny

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