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Welcome to the web home of Big Sky Gypsy and Drum Horses where we believe in quality not quantity! We are a small family farm dedicated to raising Gypsy Vanners of the highest quality. We may be off the beaten path, but don't let that fool you. Our horses boast some of the best bloodlines in the breed. BSG Taliesin, our homozygous Gypsy stallion, consistently reproduces himself in his exceptional babies.

Click here to see Gypsy foals, Drum Horse foals, and Mature Offspring sired by Taliesin.

BSG Taliesin
Gypsy Vanner Herd Sire

Tia - 5 year old mare sired by Taliesin

The Gypsy Vanner is an amazing breed of horse. They are also known as Gypsy Cobs, Gypsy Horses, Irish Cobs, and Tinker Horses in this country. These small, hardy draft type horses are imported from England from the true Gypsy families that raise them. As a companion, their incredible, gentle nature is unbelievable. They are kind and willing partners, with a disposition developed over generations by the Gypsy people that prize them.

Click here to watch a video of some of our young mares!
Our Drum Horse breeding program uses registered Clydesdale and Shire mares bred to the best Gypsy and Drum stallions available.

Historically the Drum Horse was used to carry the drums in the Queen of England's various military regiments. In America the Drum Horse is being developed into a breed utilizing Clydesdale, Shire and Gypsy bloodlines. The Drum Horse is an extraordinary athlete with awesome size and movement combined with spectacular color and hair.

Click here to see Drum Horse foals, and Mature Offspring sired by Taliesin.

Drum Horse Mare Owned by Ellie
Daughter of Taliesin

Disposition is Everything!
Jade - Three year old Tali daughter

Our breeding program is committed to preserving the essence of the traditional horse bred by the Gypsies. Our original horses were imported from reputable breeders and possess the conformation, disposition, color and hair that is the result of generations of careful Gypsy breeding.

Taliesin is a potent stallion, stamping his babies with his superb quality. "Tali Babies" have wonderful bone, awesome color and conformation, and powerful movement. They also have tons of hair and exquisite heads. Our clients love their "Tali Babies"!

Click here to see a video of young mares sired by Taliesin.

Navarre - Gelding sired by Tali
Owned by Iris Pinchak

National Champion Gelding Feathered Horse Classic

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